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When we first crossed paths in 2015, we were attempting to shed pregnancy weight and regain our confidence. We tried 5AM bootcamp classes, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, even cutting out carbs, wine, and parts of our cultural cuisine. None of it worked, leading us to rock bottom, deepening our frustrations and hurting our self-esteem.
Together, we decided to dig into fitness and nutrition, creating the supportive program — BFF (Become Fit Forever) — that we desperately needed when our own fitness quests began. We wanted to say goodbye to those extra pounds — not our traditional foods!
The BFF Method was responsible for helping us lose 70LBS combined — and we kept the weight off.
BFF is committed to help women stop dieting in their 40s and lose weight while eating their favorite foods. We offer consistent accountability and support for our clients, busy working women approaching their 40s who need a reliable bestie to boost their transformation journeys.
In 2016, we launched fitness classes for moms with on-site childcare. Our community blossomed through more classes, like Zumba and Strength Training. Later that year, we kicked off our first Weight Loss Challenge, complete with daily classes, weekly weigh-ins, and a dedicated Facebook page, teeming with nutrition support. We built a robust network of motivated women.
To date, we’ve helped more than 600 women lose weight with our simple and sustainable strategy.


In my 20s, I suffered from a gastric illness that couldn’t be diagnosed — I overcame it by eating real whole foods and shedding 35lb with BFF method. Inspired by my own wellness journey, I now specialize in Habit Formation. I develop nutritious recipes for the entire family. Instead of pushing diets, I teach our clients to portion control and form healthy habits that will become a way of life. My mission is to help women in their 40s feel and look confident and sexy. My dream is to teach women to use nutrition in their households so the next generation can be free from diet culture.


In my early 30s after my son was born, I overcame a binge eating disorder and lost 40 lb with BFF method. I now concentrate on Macros Coaching. I teach my clients how to track their calories effectively and efficiently to see a weekly drop in weight. My mission is to help fellow moms overcome their fears and know they can be the size and shape that they want to be in their 30s — and beyond.

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