Hey, Bestie! Want to finally feel confident in your 40s?

Ready to Boost Your Metabolism, Balance Hormones, and Lose Body Fat in your 40s without quitting your favorite and traditional foods?

Whether you’re carrying around a bit more weight than what’s listed on your driver's license or just want to get rid of that pesky pooch, Become Fit Forever Method is perfect for helping you step into your best and confident self.

Strategic Nutrition

Your coaches will give you the personalized macro breakdown you need in order to shed body fat. You will get simple, easy-to-follow weekly guide is designed to help you forge new, smart eating habits to keep you on track to optimal health. And don’t forget the BFF library with 100s of recipes, meal prep guide and grocery shopping list.

Exercise Pairing

Combine the right food with the right workout each day to optimize your fat-burning and boosting of your metabolism. Take advantage of a workout library that is specifically designed to help you lose weight faster and tone up. Which you can perform in the comfort of your home and save time and $$ on gym membership.

Daily accountability and support.

Get 24/7 support from your coaches to guide you through the program, expert coaches lead you in LIVE weekly coaching calls. and best of all a you are going to be part of a supportive community of women around the world just like you.

This is for you if:

• You are in your 40s and have been struggling to achieve sustainable results in your fitness journey.

• You want to lose weight without giving up your traditional foods

• You tried so many diets that you lost count

• You need the support and accountability and a community to hold you accountable

BFF Results

I never thought I can be size Small. I dropped 32 LBS with BFF method.

I have tried so many diets in the past. Never thought I could lose 24 lbs with BFF method. I’m so grateful

I lost 46 lbs without giving up my arepas and other cultural foods. Now I can teach my daughters how to lead a healthy lifestyle. So grateful

When I started to program I was only hoping to drop 5 LBS but I was down to 113 LBS. I still can not believe it

“This program has changed my life”

Jen lost 17 lbs in 4 months with BFF method

“If it wasn’t for BFF, I would NOT be here”

Carolina, lost 12 lbs with BFF Method

“I joined so many gyms but did not get the results I did with BFF”

Yumna, lost 10 lbs with BFF method

“The best thing this program did was to help me get organized and eat the foods that my family eats”

Karishma, lost 25 lbs with BFF method

I lost 22 LBS without giving up my cultural food. Now I can teach the method to my kids

I can’t believe I lost 12 lbs with BFF method. I thought my age was the reason I couldn’t lose weight. They proved me wrong

I lost the baby weight in 3 months. This program has saved my sanity

At age 49 I was able to get toned, all while eating my favorite cultural foods. BFF method is now my lifestyle.

Hi, Bestie!

Achieve your weight loss and weight maintenance goals in just 6 weeks with BFF method, specifically designed for women and backed by science.

Over 1000 women have already benefited from this method.

Learn how to eat for optimal health, understand the impact of hormones, stress, sleep, alcohol, and more on your overall well-being.

This Challenge is an accelerated version of our 4 month signature coaching program.”

The program includes:

-6 Week calendar and accountability tracker (value $197)

-Personalized macros with the BFF Formula ($199)

-3 Weekly Group coaching calls (value $199)

-9 Workout Videos (value $197)

-21 Recipes (value $97)

-Meal-Planning Made Easy Guide (value $97)

-Educational Video Modules (value $500)

-Bonus #1: Body Tracker (value $97)

-Bonus #2: Stress Free Travel Guide (value $97)

Total Value = $1,777


Hi, Bestie!

Meet the coaches

We’re Doucky and Kausar. Two former dieters turned weight loss coaches on a mission to help women like you lose weight sustainably without sacrificing your favorite foods.

We’ve been exactly where you are: trying to drop those pounds and testing everything under the sun, including giving up our favorite dishes with nothing to show for it but sadness and frustration.


Through trial and error, we discovered the secret to losing weight and keeping it off.

Today you can find us helping our clients to adopt healthy eating habits through our signature system, so they can feel amazing inside and out without giving up the things they love.

We’ve helped more than 800 women lose weight and we look forward to helping you too!

See you inside the program!


YES! Many clients have 40+ pounds to lose and see incredible success. This program is a good start, our clients lose 1-2 pounds a week. We can keep supporting you when this challenge finishes if you join the BFF Program.

No! Throughout the program, we will talk about the importance of probiotics, protein, and other supplements like collagen. While we are happy to share the products we use and love, none of them are required to participate.

If you make a good faith effort of 6 weeks completing the program as outlined, you are sure to see results. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will work with you on switching you to our signature coaching program. But we do not offer refunds

Join Today!


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