How does BFF method work

With over 600 transformations — read: real women who lost weight! — under its belt, the BFF Method gradually modifies behavior while providing consistent support and accountability. Instead of offering an impractical and unattainable diet, we’ll arm you with the best toolkit that will forever alter your relationship with both food and your body.


Building new habits and getting you organized


Introducing portion control through the easy BFF calorie tracking method, which embraces your traditional and favorite foods.


Teaching you how to maintain your progress with the intuitive eating method

What coaching includes?

• Daily support and accountability.
• Weekly coaching calls
• Weekly short video modules to complement coaching
• Personalized goals to build particular habits
• Access to BFF APP where you can track your progress, belong to a group of women with the same goals as you, rate your workouts and track your consistency.

• Personalized workouts according to your equipment, physical condition and schedule
• Personalized nutrition targets
• Lifetime library with resources such as sample meal plans for holidays, grocery shopping lists, handouts for each of our weekly video modules, easy desserts, lunches, dinners to get you inspired.

Are you ready to fit into your old outfits, feeling confident and rocking your 40’s?

Take a peek inside BFF app


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BFF Method teaches you to build healthier habits to make your changes sustainable.A big part of the method is educating you on tracking calories, after you learn your portions for your personal goal we coach you on eating without counting calories.

Some besties have lost up to 48 pounds without exercising at all. We encourage daily movement as that will help you to balance your hormones however you can lose weight in our program without exercising.

All diets are welcome in the BFF Zone. You can eat your favorite and cultural foods and still lose weight. 

We can’t guarantee you weight loss but by experience clients who follow our framework and advice, show up for themselves and put in the work lose between 0.5 to 2 pounds a week.

Yes, we do. Book your free call to learn more.

All drinks and foods are BFF Approved. We can teach you how to maintain your progress while enjoying your favorite drinks.

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