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Besties, in our program, lose 15+ pounds and live diet-free in their 40s. If these besties can do it, so can you! For years, you were told that rice, pasta, bread and other delicious foods were barriers to weight loss. But we are here to show you that you can lose weight without dramatic restrictions. These besties are testaments to that approach.


The coaches were amazingly accessible and motivating, the modules were very illuminating, and I truly feel like I took a 3-month nutrition course that will forever impact the way I look and consume food. Thank you!!! I feel so much more in control of my health.


Todo cambio de hábitos implica un duro trabajo porque requiere cambiar radicalmente lo que haces, lo que comes, la forma que te alimentas. Trabajé con Doucky en este proceso durante 6 meses y ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida. Doucky me ha enseñado muchas cosas nuevas acerca de cómo debo alimentarme, siempre ha estado a mi lado en el proceso y gracias a su ayuda he conseguido bajar 15 kilos y adoptar nuevos hábitos muchos más sanos. Si quieres empezar un proceso con este no dudes en contactarla, es la mejor!!!!!


I joined BFF in early 2019 and it’s been a fantastic experience since. The coaches, Kausar Rasul and Dougmary Esquijarosa, invest the time to help you meet and surpass your health and fitness goals! They provide you with all the resources - varied workout routines to keep things fun and challenging, meals plans and healthy recipes with alternate options based on your diet, and most importantly the support and accountability you truly need during your journey. This is not a diet with temporary results - it is a lifestyle you can maintain. You will learn how to eat mindfully without giving up your favorite foods and still see results that you desire. Kausar and Doucky always do their best to be real with you - they are an inspiration in the way they live their own lives. Their commitment to your health is unwavering and you won't regret joining this amazing community!


I love how intentional this program is. From helping to build healthy habits and practice tracking food, the program is really laid out for long-term sustainable change, rather than short-term quick weight loss. You both are incredibly supportive coaches. You lead with so much kindness and understanding, it really makes a difference. Thanks to the program, I am leaner and stronger and have more energy and patience in my daily life. This program has taught me how to focus on true self-care, which can be so hard to do as a mother.


The BFF program is great! Doucky and Kausar are wonderful coaches who not only helps guide you but also are your biggest cheerleaders. The group is motivating, fun and I have already lost 4 lbs in 4 weeks so that’s a plus! 🙂 thank you!!


My breakfast game improved my life. Tracking macros was also very helpful for me because I’m not someone who cares that much about what I eat so it served as a guide on what my body would benefit from eating at each meal of the day.


I followed Dougmary and Kausar for almost a year, before joining this group of wonderful women who completely changed my life. Before that I always found excuses not to exercise, made everything else more important than my own health and when I finally hit rock bottom I could not find anything that made me "want to" work out; till I took one of their classes. Doucky and Kausar are very down to earth people who will help you above and beyond, both on your diet needs as well as exercise routines. Classes are fun, energetic and you will be welcomed by amazing women who had been there and know the struggle. I highly recommend this dynamic duo; you will see the difference in your mood, health, strength and beyond. My only regret is not joining sooner, so don't wait a year like me, come check out one of their classes. 💓


This program works! It was all that I was looking for, and more! I learned how to eat healthier (still eating what I like to eat) In a few steps they help you understand how living a healthier life (eating better, sleeping more, drinking more water, and walking) will be reflected in your body. They teach you tricks to achieve your goals. They help you with your struggles and celebrate your wins. I couldn't be more thankful!

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